• History Of The Swan Lobe Part 2

    Family Business My sister, Wendy Swan, saw the passion I had for taking The Swan Lobe idea all the way, so in 2007, we both decided to work together & pull both our strengths to build our brand & start patenting The Swan Lobe.   Business Partner Wendy, having worked in the fashion industr... View Post
  • Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show

    Our first trade show My sister & I have our first ever trade show with The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show at London’s Olympia Exhibition Centre this coming weekend, Saturday the 16th, 10am till 6pm, & Sunday the 17th of May, 10am till 5pm, 2015. We along with other Exhibitors will... View Post
  • Amazon Beauty Product Swan Lobe

    The Swan Lobe Earring Supports The Swan Lobe Earring Supports are now available on and This is what you’ll see; go to and search “the swan lobe” or by clicking our Amazon link above or on our front page;  And also on the link and page, you will... View Post