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Every fortnight we will be posting a video demonstration for The Swan Lobe earring supports, we know that getting the message out to you, the wonderful public, is our main goal, after all, awareness for a new brand/ product is key to a new business and its future in the marketplace.

So, each two weeks we will have a video posted on a Friday, the last two were posted 30th October and 13th November, the first with the lovely Maria Donnelly titled “Repairing a torn earlobe without surgery ” below:

And the second with the stunning and talented Diana Jones titled “Lift elongated earlobes and comfortably wear earrings”

Each video has had a great impact and had over a thousand views each which is great, thank you to everyone that has taken time to take a look

In each video we will be showcasing HighStreet Jewellery from house hold named Stores showing how GOOD earrings can look! So many people don’t buy earrings due to the size or are put off by the pure weight of them, which often leaves customers buying half of a matching set i.e. buying a necklace they love but leaving the matching earrings because they would be too uncomfortable. In our videos, we’ll show you earrings brought that week and tell you where we bought them incase, after seeing them held up with our earring supports, you want to nip out and buy a pair along with our earring supports.

In the first video with Maria you’ll see the first pair of earrings are from New Look costing £5.99 (7.99 Euros) pictured below & They also have a current “buy one get one pair free” promotion FYI 😉


The Second Pair of Earrings in each video are made by the amazingly talented Vicki Sarge, The first pair of Vicki’s earrings were also showcased in The Essex Chronicle NewsPaper, The Brentwood Gazette and The Business in an article about The Swan Lobe Earring Supports earlier this month.


Swan Lobe VickiSarge The gorgeous earrings from Vicki Sarge can be brought from her one of a kind boutique in London; 



Ive had the pleasure of meeting Vicki and I must say, without being bias due to Vicki loaning us her earrings for our YouTube and Press shoot :), that Vicki is such a lovely warm person and her creations are simply mesmerising.

You can follow VickiSarge on Facebook and also on Twitter


In the Second video with Diana Jones, Diana also wears the second pair of earrings from VickiSarge and the first pair of earrings are from H&M costing £7.99 (9.99 Euros) pictured below

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Have a wonderful week

Georgie & Wendy Swan