The Mail On Sunday

The Mail On Sunday

We are so honoured to have an article written about us today, 14th June 2015, in The Mail On Sunday.

On page 70 of the Health Section under Health Notes you will see our piece. If you’re reading this post after buying the Mail, thank you for visiting our site, its nice to meet you.

We hope you will try and enjoy the benefits of using our earring supports and wear all your earrings, large to small, more comfortably and more importantly, safer on your earlobes.

The Mail have placed imagery of their interpretation of The Swan Lobe Earring Support on the article’s image as you can not see the product, due to its invisible nature. Thanks to their imagery, you can see where the product is placed, but in real life its not as imposing as the image. It’s extremely thin, malleable and invisible on all skin tones. We’re so excited for you to try our patented earring supports and can’t wait to hear your thoughts, please feel free to send us videos and pictures of your experience and email us with ANY questions :)


The Swan Lobe, the finishing touch to every look…



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You can purchase worldwide with postage and packaging costs all listed in the description on our purchase page on our/this website and the P&P is worked out automatically on Amazon

Love Those Ear Lobes