Stop micro tears lift earrings with our wonder bra for the ears

YouTube Video – Stop micro tears and lift earrings with our wonder bra for the ears This week we have our amazing cousin Katherine Rhiannon Ashdown, CEO of the Multi-Award winning ‘SweetCheeks Trees

The reason I asked my cousin to do this video with me is, she’d never tried our earring supports and, what better way to show you the product than having someone that hadn’t tried our supports, and whose first time reaction to the product would be fresh and new, just like many that may be watching that haven’t yet tried them, or are contemplating trying our earring supports and wanted to know “how they feel”, “can you feel them when they’re on your ear” etc..

The results in this video are SO amazing! the two pairs of earrings we use aren’t particularity heavy, but they are large so you can see HUGE benefits when using the Swan Lobe earrings Support, and the opposite ear, the damage that would be caused over periods of time wearing earrings WITHOUT the Swan Lobe earring supports. We have pearl earrings (a set of three pairs) from Claire’s Accessories that are £6.00


The second pair were brought about a year ago, and were used with one of our featured models, Jaspal Badwell – Freelance Actress and Model, on our website

I believe these earrings were from Monsoon and cost approximately £10.00. (Earrings featured on the thumbnail for this video)

Everyone knows that wearing earrings can sometimes be extremely uncomfortable, for Katherine, she doesn’t wear the earrings like the pairs we have used in this video due to this fact. She now can using our earring supports. The Pearl earrings from Claire’s are light but very large and would hang down in ANY ear, no matter what earring butterfly you used.