Ripped Ears Saved By Siblings

Story by Clare Youell & publishing in: The ESSEX Chronicle – The Business – The Brentwood Gazette 

 ‘I had to superglue my damaged lobe together just to wear earrings’

 A woman who superglued her earlobe together so she could wear earrings on a night out has been bowled over by a near-invisible invention. Maria Donnelly has been wearing heavy earrings for around two decades, and she gradually noticed her ear piercing stretching downwards. This happens to many people who wear heavy earrings or even those who have worn medium-weight earrings for years. Eventually Maria’s earlobe completely split, leaving it dangling in two halves. She was resigned to either having surgery or never wearing earrings again – although she sometimes resorted to supergluing her earlobe together for a big night out. Then she came across Georgie Swan from Battlesbridge, the inventor of Swan Lobe, a near-invisible membrane that is stuck behind your ear and keeps your earrings in place. It works for those with split or damaged earlobes, or for those people whose ear rings “sa g” because their piercing has become stretched. With split lobes, the earring is pierced through the membrane, which is so strong, it holds the earring perfectly in place. The Swan Lobe is also preventative and can be used to stop damage happening in the first place – as it keeps heavy earrings in the perfect position.

“My ear split completely about five or six years ago,” explained Maria, 42, from Leigh-on-Sea. “I had worn big, dangly  earrings since I was about 15. Gradually I saw the split coming and eventually it went all the way through. I am quite self-conscious about it and I never wear my hair up anymore as people notice it. I try to cover it up when I can. I didn’t think I’d ever wear earrings again which is a real shame.”

“When I met Georgie and he told me about his product I thought, ‘This is what I have been waiting for all these years’. I didn’t know if it would work as my ear is so badly damaged, but it is just amazing. I can pull my hair back and my earrings look so cool.”


Maria, who sells Forever Living products and is a qualified make-up artist, said she was a convert to the Swan Lobe product and had already told her friends about it, many of whom had stretched earlobes.
“To see our product helping people like this is
Georgie said. “Especially when I hear stories like Maria’s where she was supergluing her ears together. It’s a lovely feeling to be able to do this for people.”

Georgie, 35, runs the Swan Lobe business with his sister Wendy and is also a professional singer and actor.
He came up with the idea when he was just 12 years old. He was about to sing at the London Palladium when he noticed all the female dancers waiting in the wings were fiddling with their earlobes.
When he asked why, they said their heavy earrings were hurting and Georgie had a light-bulb moment and wrote down the first ideas for the Swan Lobe.

But it was around 20 years later before he turned it into a business.
Georgie and Wendy are now marketing the product around the world, drawing on her career in the fashion industry to guide them.
Several key high street chains are interested in the product.

Key jewellery designers are also interested in the product.
Georgie has had several meetings with the design team at Vicki Sarge, a top jewellery designer whose fans include Madonna and Beyoncé. Vicki has collaborated with the likes of Roberto Cavalli and John Galliano.
The designer has expressed interest in working with Swan Lobe and helping to showcase her earrings using the product.


Another jewellery designer, Diana Jones, is also planning to work with Swan Lobe.

Diana has been working in the industry for 29 years and previously had a shop in Hatton Garden.

She works mainly with pearls and real gemstones, and now designs bespoke pieces through her business Flowers from the Ocean.

Pearl studs are notorious for “sagging” if the ear piercing has become loose, and the Swan Lobe is perfect for making them sit close to the ear as they are designed to do, she said.

“I think this product is fantastic,” Diana said.

“I don’ t usually include large earrings in my collections for this very reason but I am actually going to design some bigger pieces now I know about the Swan Lobe. “Wearing one big earring is very fashionable at the moment, and this product is perfect for that. I will thoroughly recommend it to my clients.”

Georgie added: “These are such exciting times for Swan Lobe. I am so happy to share this success with my sister Wendy – we couldn’t do it without each other.”

This amazing piece from Clare Youell is acompanied by our first two YouTube videos showing Maria and Diana in our Friday, fort nightly videos, showcasing high street earrings and also high end designers jewellery using our earring supports to showcase how good your ears can look

Here is our first video which features Maria Donelly YouTube Video Link, CLICK HERE Ripped ears are saved by siblings