Ripped Earlobe

Hello, my name is Georgie, I wanted to talk to you about ripped earlobes and a non surgical solution. Many people suffer from earlobe damage, whether caused by earring use, earrings being pulled out/ripped by young children/garments of clothing, even people that have used separators in their earlobes and then, years later, have decided that the look isn’t for them or their profession/employers have asked them to take the separators out.

If you Google “ripped earlobe” you find a lot of doctors offering their services for earlobe repairs, reductions, all performed under local anaesthetic and you also find so many people that have this issue and are looking for a solution, MANY, searching for a non surgical solution.

Here are some pictures of damages earlobes and earlobes with rips/tears in them;




The Solution

We have the answer/solution to your issue, our patented earrings supports actually carry the weight of your earrings. You pierce the product once its adhered to the back of your ear (follow instructions enclosed in packing and on our application video) and for clip on earrings, they stop earlobes being dragged/sagged down with the earring’s weight.

If you have ANY questions, post below and we’ll have a chat :)

Please don’t confuse our earring supports with others on the market, ours are the only earring supports that can transfer the weight of earrings to the ears cartilage and our product, that is our unique patented ability that no one else can copy. If you have ever tried other earring supports and weren’t satisfied, our product will change your mind. Don’t be fooled by inferior products, we are the only sellers of our product and we do not licence our product out to stores for this precise reason. We want you to know our product works and have a trusted brand to rely on :) X

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Here is one of our videos, Maria has a complete tear in one ear and can now wear her earrings again and her other ear won’t rip now as she uses our earring supports each time she wears her earrings.