History Of The Swan Lobe Part 1

The History of The Swan Lobe

My name is Georgie Swan; I was born in the outskirts of London in Essex, in the United Kingdom back in March of 1980.

I sung from an early age, my mum will tell you I used to sit in my pram, humming songs I heard on the radio, from as young as ten months old.

I tell you this because my music leads me to be at the London Palladium in the early 90’s, where I came up with the idea for & invented The Swan Lobe.

Albeit, back then, when I was 12 years old, The Swan Lobe was a small drawing in one of my “invention/ideas” books, along with a few hand scribbled notes mixed in with other ideas for books, products, inventions & cartoon characters i’d designed as I’ve loved comic books from an early age such as Marvel Comics & DC comics & still do to this day.

Now, getting back to;

The birth of The Swan Lobe

I was singing the opening number in a charity show on the huge stage of the world famous London Palladium, an exciting but mostly daunting experience for me at that age, in the wings, stage left, nervously awaiting my queue from the orchestra to walk on stage and sing.

There were female dancers waiting in the wings for the second number in full ball gown dresses, wearing rather large earrings, all uniform & identically styled even down to their makeup. The girls were all fiddling with their ears so I had to ask, as I was always inquisitive & still am to this day, “Why are you all fiddling with your ears?” Most, with a surprised look on their face, as they hadn’t even realised they were doing it, but one girl answered me and said, and to this day I remember the exact words as if it were yesterday “These earrings are far too heavy for my ears and they’re really uncomfortable”. I then heard a “Shhh” from one of the stagehands as the orchestra begun to play my queue.

The performance was one I’ll never forget and the audience’s applause felt like electricity through my bones. I came off stage to prepare for my next number which was a duet from “Les Misérables” but whilst having a costume change, I HAD to make a note of what was going through my head, as when I see or hear a problem, my mind see’s solutions, I wrote in my invention & ideas book; “Why isn’t the earlobe made of cartilage?” & drew a drawing of the Swan Lobe product shape. I then went on for my second number, forgetting what I’d written that day until many years later, along with many other ideas I’m yet to explore, bringing me from 1992 all the way through to 2007.

Tragedy occured

In 2007 I was working as an insulation labourer on the weekdays, between singing/songwriting some evenings & weekends. In April 2007 on the way to work, the work van I was a passenger in was hit by another vehicle, hard from behind. I was crushed in the back row of seats fracturing my neck in six places & fracturing my lumber spine at two of the lumber facet joints. Along with multiple disc damage & nerve damage in my neck & back, the lumber facet joints snapped in 2009 leaving me unable to walk.

I knew then, (even before being told later in 2011 that I could be paralysed, only having a 40% chance that one day i’d walk again with years of physiotherapy & after surgeries to rebuild the bone, place titanium rods, screws & rehouse the ripped nerves for my back & legs), that I had to explore other avenues of income, so I went straight to my books of inventions & ideas for some inspiration.

When flicking through the pages I came across “The Swan Lobe” & instantly felt that it would be the best product to choose & my journey had then begun.