• The reason we started our company..? - Is You!

    The reason we started our company..? - Is You! 😊🙏 Today, I awoke to such a beautiful post on Instagram from a customer that had brought from our Amazon store front. Working so hard and posting out orders daily and building a business from scratch, like many of you may know, its a long hard slog b... View Post
  • Video Guide: How to Use the Swan Lobe

    This helpful video shows users how to use the Swan Lobe effectively.     By watching this guide, you will find out how this innovative product works, and how it can benefit users. The product is made from a medical grade material that helps support the attached earring whether pierced or clip-on. View Post
  • History Of The Swan Lobe Part 1

    The History of The Swan Lobe My name is Georgie Swan; I was born in the outskirts of London in Essex, in the United Kingdom back in March of 1980. I sung from an early age, my mum will tell you I used to sit in my pram, humming songs I heard on the radio, from as young as ten months old. I tell ... View Post